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UV Outliner v. 2.0 is released

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I have something to celebrate today – UV Outliner 2.0 finally released.

You can download it from here:

This release is special. From now, UV Outliner is free.
In a few months I’ll release a “Pro” version of UV Outliner, which will contain additional features not available in free version. Those of you who purchased previous versions of outliner will be able to use a “Pro” version.

So, what’s new in 2.0:

Memory consumption and performance
Outliner became less resource greedy. This improvement especially useful when working with large outlines. In 2.0 memory consumption is down 2-3 times.
Also performance is greatly improved – arranging data in large outlines now happens much faster.

Outline notes
Any line in the document may have a note associated with it.
Notes may contains formatted text. There is a modifiable style which contains default formatting for notes.

Migration to .Net framework 4.0
New .Net framework 4.0 has few advantages over 3.5:
* improved typography, which means more readable text
* lightweight – no need to download huge framework distribution when installing UV Outliner.

Lot’s of bug-fixes
Bug-fixes with fonts, styles, editing and so on…

Thank you for using UV Outliner!


Written by Fedir Nepyivoda

February 12, 2011 at 1:30 pm

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UV Outliner — new single pane outliner for Windows

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Hello everyone!

I am a big fan of outliners.

I tried almost every outliner for Windows. Unfortunately, they all look like they were developed 10 years ago with same Windows 98 style.
Personally, I think one of the best outliners ever is OmniOutliner.
Unfortunately, there is no version for Windows.

Being a developer, I decided to create my own outliner with focus on usability.

And so I done. UV Outliner – is a new single pane (or one pane) outliner for Windows OS.

Currently it is a pretty basic outliner but it already has features which other software doesn’t, like rich text in every row, styles, multiple columns support and more!

So you are welcome to try it:
UV Outliner

Hope, you will like it.


Written by Fedir Nepyivoda

January 20, 2010 at 11:50 pm

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